Steel Punching

Piranha Model PII-88

Steel Punching

The Piranha Model PII-88 has dual-operator controls for the punch station and shear/coper stations and an Automatic Urethane Hold Down on the Plate and Angle Shear. Both ends of the machine can be operated independently of each other at the same time. A large, open punch station allows the use of a virtually unlimited range of standard accessories and special tooling, in addition to a 24" plate shear capacity.

  • Complete Punching Attachment with stripper
  • 5 Punch and Die sets
  • Front and rear 2 position joy stick controls (electric)
  • Front and rear Remote Electric Foot Switches
  • Front limit switch stroke control
  • Set of Round Bar Knives [2 way] (customers choice to 1-1/2")
  • Set of 20.625" Plate Shear Knives [4 way]
  • Set of Blank Knives to extend shear to 24"
  • Set of Coper Knives [2 way top] [4 way bottom]
  • Set of Angle Shear Knives [8 way top] [4 way bottom]
  • Chip Buckets (coper end)
  • Extra Oil Filter
  • Coupling Wrench
  • Intergral Lifting Lug for instant portability


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Punch presses are developed for high flexibility and efficient processing of metal stampings. The main areas of application are for small and medium runs. Those machines are typically equipped with a linear die carrier (tool carrier) and quick change tools. Today the method is used where the application of lasers are inefficient or technically impractical.