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Galvanized Steel

When you need corrosion protection for your steel, nothing works better than hot dip galvanizing. The resulting galvanized steel is effectively resistant to corrosive elements in the environment, making it the ideal construction material for outdoor buildings and structures. If your construction project needs corrosion protection to shield your project from the outdoors, then galvanized steel is the right choice. Whether the part you need is a galvanized angle, galvanized plate, or galvanized beam, Phillips Steel can supply it. We carry all different sizes and widths of galvanized bars and galvanized tubes as well.

Corrosion protection is serious business. If you use regular steel in an outdoor building project, rain and dirt could cause rust. The metals will corrode, weakening the structure, and eventually it will fall apart completely. Don’t let this happen to your construction project! Hot dip galvanizing is a widely used method which coats steel with a layer of zinc, thoroughly protecting it from any wear and tear due to weather. Galvanized steel should be used in every aspect of your project that will be exposed to the outdoors, including galvanized angles, galvanized tubes, and galvanized beams as well as large galvanized plates.

At Phillips Steel, we know how important it is that your building or other construction project is made to last. The corrosion protection offered by hot dip galvanizing is unparalleled, so count on Phillips Steel in Long Beach, CA to fill your galvanized steel requirements. We carry galvanized steel in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your exact outdoor building construction needs.

Contact us today to find out more about hot dip galvanizing, corrosion protection, and our galvanized steel products!