Water Jet Cutting in Long Beach, CA

Phillips Steel is your industrial source for water jet cutting in Long Beach CA. Having necessary resources, tools and trained staff to complete all of your projects. Our trained staff and qualified operators will work closely with your engineering team to ensure that each project is completed to spec and on time. Utilizing some of the best tools in the industry we proud to offer our service of Water Jet Cutting in Long Beach CA.

Water Jet Cutting in Long Beach, CA

Continuing in a long line of performance water jet cutter applications, Phillips Steel has for the better part of 100 years been the go to company. We've mastered the art of commercial as well as industrial applications. Providing our Water Jet Cutting in Long Beach CA has allowed us to work closely with several large companies in the shipping and industrial transport business. We've had the opportunity to work on projects that other shops lacked both the experience and necessary tooling to complete.

For more technical information regarding our capabilities, please have a quick look at the below listed features and applications.

* Basic 3 Axis Cutting - This is accomplished using what is known as a cantilever mounted approach attached to a broad tubular structure.
* X-axis Rack and Pinion Drive – Used primarily to offer a reduced price solution for longitudinal water jet cutting.
* Y axis 32mm Ball Screw Drive - Used as a method for both moving and controlling the water jet cutting head, it allows for a high degree of precision.
* Automatic Grease system – Maintaining a consistent level of lubricant during the entire range of movement.
* Complete Pump Control – Allows for management and integration directly into the control cabinet.
* Work Table Design – Slats are located by slots, but height is set by a solid indicated flat bar
* NEW HMI allows for easier use of control graphics, functions, editing

Applications of Water Jet Cutting

The application for Water Jet Cutting in Long Beach, CA are as wide as the materials being used. Having the capacity and flexibility to cut through a high number of materials provides this method of cutting distinct advantages. The main advantage is related to HAZ or reducing the Heat Affected Zone. The area where traditional cutters produce a high degree of heat and as a result can and at times do damage the material being cut. Additional to that, this method of cutting provide a significant degree of accuracy while allow for very large scale cuts. The accuracy is measured down to 0.13mm while repeat-ability is measured down to 0.025mm. Finally the material left over as a result of the cut, also known as kerf get significantly reduced as a result of using Water Jet Cutting in Long Beach.

Making use of a 3D modeling program gives an additional level of accuracy and control with the ability to make intricate cuts while working on large blocks of material.

Phillips Steel uses the 90,000 PSI Ultra High Pressure Pump for its cutting applications. Using both water and abrasive, water jet cutting in long beach ca is as versatile as you need it. We have the ability to cut the following materials, alloys, marble, steel, titanium, aluminum, composites, copper, plastic and much, much more. When you call one of our experts will work closely with you to both understand your application as well as determine the exact method of application. We want to ensure that all of the cuts are right the first time and every time after that. Our goal is precision in cutting and aim to be your go to source for all of your water jet cutting in long beach ca needs.

History of Water Jet Cutting

The history of using water to cut goes further back then most recorded history. While modern variations of using water to cut date back to the gold mine era of the late 1800's in California. Where it was used exclusively to clean mined dirt and as one might expect find gold. This was done using heated water and steam. More recent applications have started using very high pressure pumps with jeweled tips to focus the water as needed. This is the same sort of Water Jet cutting in Long Beach, CA that Phillips Steel uses. The jeweled tip focuses the water into a consistent and coherent stream that then can be focused to cut.

More recent advances in computer technology and engineering have created 5 axis cutters. While Phillips Steel does not as of yet employ these types of cutters, it does use state of the art equipment. All of which is computer controlled and man operated allowing for a full degree of flexibility when doing Water Jet Cutting in Long Beach CA. We also have the tools and resources necessary to take on any size project. This has allowed us the ability to work with any of a high number of industries. Having also a substantial amount of experience has also allowed us to provide a high quality service.

Using a pressure of roughly 20,000 and 55,000 pounds per square inch, a water jet cutting in long beach ca process can cut through any metal. The applications are not limited to hard materials such as metals and stone. It can be used as well for cutting through wood and has been used for removing bark along with cutting more intricate designs. Using ultra high pressure or (UHP) allows our water jets to perform under all applications.

Be sure to call Phillips Steel for all of your water jet cutting in long beach, ca jobs. We are open normal business hours and have experts on hand ready to work with you and your company. We will be celebrating our 100 year anniversary next year, so you can be sure we know what we're doing.

Essential Features
• 90,000 psi at 125 HP with dual phase intensifiers.
• Dual Intensifiers for Maximum UHP, Maximum HP and Maximum Productivity.
• Downwards compatible to 30,000 psi operational pressure when less waterjet force is needed to complete the project.
• Sophisticated software includes remote access and ability to network multiple pumps.
• Double front doors for easy access and maintenance with padded insulation for sound reduction.
• Multiple language controls.
• Ceramic plungers for maximum reliability